How To Become A Video Game Tester?

It is a dream job for many of the people in the world. Will you like to earn money by just playing games? Of course who doesn’t want to? Then the perfect career for you is to become a video game tester. Gaming industry is becoming larger and larger day by day and is bringing a lot of changes as well.

The games now are totally different than the games that were in the market some 5 to 6 years ago and also will become different after some years as well. So in this ever changing and improving industry the scopes are also very high and you will not get bored of testing the new games that are launching every day.

Basics that a video game tester must know

The first thing that a tester must do is to read the game rules and manual very well. Then you have to make sure that the game is working as per the rules and whatever is mentioned in the manuals. You must also notice whether the data are shown correctly when the game is on.

The video game tester must check whether the game is properly functioning on the operation systems as it is mentioned. There are many games which are provided for some limited OS, so in that case you have to see that. On the other hand for the online games you have to check whether it can played properly all the targeted browsers.

You must also check whether the game is smoothly running or having some issue at any point of time. If you find any kinds of bug then you have to report immediately to the developer so that he can take the necessary steps.

This testing has become a great career for many people all over the world where many of them are earning a lot of money sitting at home.


video game tester

In this field, students from both IT and Non-IT background can be the video game tester. For this you need certain qualifications. A degree or a diploma in software development, computer science or information technology is preferable but if you are not from these background and still you have plenty of knowledge about games and features then you can apply for the job.

You should have a sound knowledge about computers and software. This will help you to test the games easily. It will be good if you can take a course on computer. This will enhance your chances of getting into this profession.

A good communication skill and a good writing skill is very much important for a game tester as he needs to come up with a complete report with your own conclusion and recommendation. You have to write in details about the different features and aspects of the game and evaluate it. So this needs a good writing skill to express the words properly.

On the other hand good communication skill is required to convince the boss about your findings and observation regarding the game. You need to present the whole experience along with its features and drawbacks if any.


In any job interview that you will apply, they will definitely ask you some questions related to the post you are applying for. So, be prepared to be asked some questions related to games, software and computer. In this case if you have done any computer course or your study background is from computer or IT then you will get a lot of advantages.

Also there are some tricky questions for testing your IQ and also general knowledge. This is generally asked in almost all the interviews. They can even check you writing skill with a written test and your communication skills while taking your interview.

So, before going for an interview be prepared with these topics and also work on your communication skills as well.

Experience requirement for this job

Generally no company takes a full time permanent video game tester unless and until it is a big company with a lot of staffs and employees. You generally have to work as part time tester from your home initially.

After some good experience you can definitely try your luck in big companies as a game tester. You will definitely improve yourself with the experience.

So if you want to become a video game tester then you have to follow these to become a successful tester. You can even discuss with someone who knows about the computer games jobs so that you can get some valuable tips regarding this.